Expansive Musical Exploration

This blog is dedicated to exploring awesome music gear that can inspire creativity and innovative compositions. Over the past 15 years I have been testing pedals and gear in studios, stages and at home for folk music, experimental compositions and psychedelic rock. The most fertile field for musical innovation is integrating the newest sounds and effects into your playing.

What does psychrock mean? What are psychedelic sounds and how are those sounds made? Perhaps we all can get some insight into these creative questions as we explore what artists past and present have done to change and evolve music. Psychedelic is a term coined in the 1940’s which means “mind manifesting”. Making the mind visible, like a telescope to view the mind.  In the early days of psychedelic music, drugs, yoga, meditation and life style all played an important role in the music. However, in contemporary times the history of rock and electronic music is so vast that one only needs to tune-in to the music to understand its aesthetic and to creatively drive the depths the sound can reach. 

The artists exploring these sounds multiplying like rabbits and all are explorers of lightly charted territory that they can claim as their own. For many of these artists fame and stadium tours are not a goal they strive for, although, I would not be surprised if it happened. This page highlights the gear these musicians use to achieve their unique sounds. 

Nathan Rose is a professional writer and musician in the band Black Satori (https://blacksatori.wordpress.com).  He also blogs at https://psychrock.wordpress.com, https://transpersonalspirit.wordpress.com. I have written about music, science, psychology, yoga and holistic health. I currently write for a Minneapolis based essential oil company and holistic health centers.   



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