Tall Font Russian by Wren and Cuff

Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian is filled with growl, raunchiness, and endless horizon of musicality.  Powerful enough for single coil and humbucking guitar pickups and bass. Enclosed in a small green box with knobs for volume, distortion and tone. If you want fuzz, distorted overdrive or all out signal destruction this will hit the sweet spot. The tone knob has a large sweep range allowing you to find your place in the mix. The Wren and Cuff will certainly please your ears with its inspired dirty tones. Its petite frame and robust fuzz feels superior to the old muffs. This pedal is true-by-pass made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.  

My band Black Satori was in the studio and this pedal was sitting there. I plugged it into my board and in minutes I discovered I could use it on a few songs. I was blow away by its clarity, saturation, sustain and the dynamics. I rolled back the distortion for an overdriven tone that was rich like the Black Keys, Dan Auerbach who is famous for using the Russian Big Muff.  At these lower levels it has a rude edgy growl that rockers dream of. Crack it up to max for out of control fuzz with feedback after the note attack.  There is plenty of fuzz and distortion for consumption especially with a noise gate for heavy metal madness.    

The Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian is based on the tall font Sovtek Big Muff from Electro Harmonics produced the 1990s. The original Sovtek Big Muffs are collectors items worth over $400 and many of them are not in touring and recording condition. The original Muff I tried at a local shop sounded dirty, lackluster and it was huge in size a stark contrast the Tall Font Russian from Wren and Cuff. Many companies design replicas of the original Russian Muffs and inevitably make improvements, changes and use different components giving each of the “copies” an individual character. The Wren and Cuff pedal is the closest to a brand new Tall Font Russian Big Muff that you can find, so they say. 

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of artists have used the Russian Big Muff on recordings and tours including, Dan Auerbach (Black Keys, Arcs), Jack White (White Stripes), Christian Bland (Black Angels, UFO Club), Mars Volta, Stephen O’Malley (Sleep, OM). With this in your tool kit you may be next. 


Article by: Nathan Rose

I am a professional writer and musician in the band Black Satori (https://blacksatori.wordpress.com).  See my other blogs at https://psychrock.wordpress.com, https://psychgear.wordpress.com, https://transpersonalspirit.wordpress.com. I write about music, music gear, art, science, psychology, yoga and holistic health. I am a content developer, marketing and research writer for a Minneapolis based essential oil company.   


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