Fuzz War by Death By Audio

Death By Audio Fuzz War

The Fuzz War is a gnarly fuzz pedal which can blow your speakers. Housed in a thick metal container with black and white cover design and three knobs for tone, fuzz and volume.

The fuzz itself is robust and maintains a heavy biased gating throughout its range. Setting the fuzz to max makes for extreme output and the sound comes right to the precipice of total signal annihilation. At its lowest setting there is no fuzz making it a tone shifter. For psychedelic blues solos set the fuzz between 3 – 6 o’clock for riveting sounds that would make your grandpa’s band exclaim, “Is this a Black Sabbath cover?”

The tone knob has a huge range and can dramatically change the sound with a “multi-curve shaping filter”. The tone knob makes this pedal unique and gets tones I have not found in other fuzz pedals. The tone filter adds flavor to the fuzz rolled all the way back it has deep bass for doom and sludge. The highest setting is very bright with a screaming top boost feel. The high range becomes tinny like a fuzz and top booster into a Vox AC30 amp but more punk rock then Rory Gallagher or Mick Ronson’s tone.

This pedal has tons of volume on tap and could blow a speaker if the pedal and amp are maxed out. The high output of the Fuzz is easily attenuated with the volume. In over a year of use I have never needed to bring the volume past half way because it gets crazy loud; many times I have the volume around 2 or 3 o’clock.  This pedal has enough gain for humbuckers and single coil pickups to soar.

The Fuzz War was the first pedal my friend recommended when I said I needed a fuzz for psychedelic rock. I purchased this pedal because it allowed me to get the fuzz tones heard on the album Passover by the Black Angels.

The Fuzz War can be seen on the pedal boards of several awesome psych-rock bands; Thee Oh Sees, The Heaters, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Ty Segall. This rock monster has a unique fuzz tone and is not a replica of a vintage design. It’s made for musicians who explore high gain riffs, solos and experimental sonic territories.

This pedal has held up longer then any other pedal on my board with no problems. There are no lost knobs, no crackling input, no extra noise when turning knobs and playing, no problems with the LED and it works great on battery or plugged in. The Fuzz War’s design has changed over the years from 2 to 3 knobs and some have an internal bias switch

Death By Audio is an inspiring company based out of Brooklyn, New York. Founded by  Oliver Ackermann from the band ‘A Place to Bury Strangers’. The pedals have a lifetime warranty and are true-by-pass. The warranty is a godsend for touring musicians as pedals get worn to death by heavy use and travel. 



weight……..…19.2 oz.

Current draw…2.29 mA

Article by: Nathan Rose

I am a professional writer and musician in the band Black Satori (https://blacksatori.wordpress.com).  See my other blogs at https://psychrock.wordpress.com, https://psychgear.wordpress.com, https://transpersonalspirit.wordpress.com. I write about music, music gear, art, science, psychology, yoga and holistic health. I am a content developer, marketing and research writer for a Minneapolis based essential oil company.   



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