Night Beats Danny Lee Blackwell Gear

Night Beats Danny Lee Blackwell Gear By Temple Rose Night Beats guitarist Danny Lee Blackwell tears it up with a psychedelic blend of R&B and rock. He achieves these amazing sounds through dedicated technique and inspired song writing. Unlike many guitarists in the psychedelic rock scene Night Beats has a stripped down set-up using just... Continue Reading →


ZVEX 59′ Sound

What struck me immediately was how it preserved and even enhanced the dynamic of my playing and preserved the tonality of my guitar and amp while adding richness and sustain. Palm muting created rich ballsy low-end thump that I had never gotten out of my rig before.

Deluxe Memory Man

"The Deluxe Memory Man is a legendary analogue delay and a powerful creative tool with hundreds of possibilities which are easy to access." 

Tall Font Russian by Wren and Cuff

Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian is filled with growl, raunchiness, and endless horizon of musicality.  Powerful enough for single coil and humbucking guitar pickups and bass. Enclosed in a small green box with knobs for volume, distortion and tone. If you want fuzz, distorted overdrive or all out signal destruction this will hit the sweet... Continue Reading →

Dwarfcraft Device and PureSalem Guitars

Episode 1: Space Features Wisconsin's own Jaime Hansen (The Ronald Raygun) and Matt Haapala (The Ronald Raygun, The Heart Pills, Pit Wagon) and Mike Noyce (Bon Iver). Dwarfcraft Devices makes expansive FX pedals that goes where no pedals have gone before. Freshly baked in Minneapolis, MN featuring the Necromancer, Gears,  and Happiness. Pure... Continue Reading →

Fuzz War by Death By Audio

Death By Audio Fuzz War The Fuzz War is a gnarly fuzz pedal which can blow your speakers. Housed in a thick metal container with black and white cover design and three knobs for tone, fuzz and volume. The fuzz itself is robust and maintains a heavy biased gating throughout its range. Setting the fuzz to... Continue Reading →

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